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I am so glad that I took the precaution of checking out A Dance With Dragons from my library in anticipation of finishing A Feast For Crows and also bringing ADWD with me today.  I will be starting that book during my lunch break and can hardly wait.  This won't be a full review, but I will just note that it was interesting to be inside the head of characters we've only previously seen filtered through other characters' perspectives.  I am thinking particularly of Cersei and Brienne.


On Cersei:


It was fascinating to realize how many of her actions were governed by a desire to thwart the prophesy that the Maegie foretold in Cersei's childhood visit to her tent.  As she was taking steps to incriminate Margaery, I couldn't help thinking that this would be one of those classic instances where somebody's steps to thwart a prophecy actually caused it to be fulfilled.  And it looks as though I'm right (though that story was still unresolved by the end of the book).  I'll be very curious to see the next developments in ADWD.

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