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Glengarry Glen Ross - David Mamet Invisible - Paul Auster

Just a guess on percentage listened to...  I just know I'll probably finish during today's run (good thing I have another audiobook in the queue... Invisible by Paul Auster).


I generally enjoy David Mamet's work.  I saw Speed the Plow on Broadway, and I've enjoyed reading Oleanna.  The only thing that aggravates me about listening to this audio production?  The audience.  This is an audio recording of a staged production.  It's one thing to be in an audience and participate in that communal experience.  But listening to the audience reactions in an audio recording is a whole different thing, and I find myself getting grumpy whenever I hear audience members laughing or applauding.  I keep thinking, "Shut up, audience monkeys!"  Also, there are moments that clearly came across as funny because of the physical performance, in addition to the dialogue.  Obviously, that dimension is lost in the audio-only version.  In short, I wish this were done as a separate recording in a studio.  But I guess it would be unlikely this entire cast would have assembled to do so.