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Maybe Lost Something in Format

Glengarry Glen Ross - David Mamet

It turns out I was way off when I estimated I was 75% finished when I posted my earlier update today.  I finished listening to this while I was still on the front porch, about to go out for today's run.  So I must have been more like 99.99% done.


Anyway, the ending made me feel a bit "meh."  It wasn't even an ending so much as it was a stopping.  There was no resolution; no (unfashionable) closure.  Which, I realize is the postmodern way to go, but I guess I've had too many postmodern none-closure stoppings.


Also, I will fully concede that much is probably lost in simply listening to a play.  That whole visual dimension, with the actors' non-verbal acting, is lost.  As I  mentioned in my update, I do generally enjoy Mamet's work, and I will probably seek out the movie version of this from my library's DVD collection.