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Everything Will (Not) Be Just Fine

The Happiest People in the World: A Novel - Brock Clarke

I can't quite decide on a star rating for this book.  For most of it, I thought it was on the way to a four-star rating for me.  It seemed to me that this book had the kind of dark humor that managed to avoid crossing into "too dark."  Until it did.  Without spoiling, I will just say that there was one scene where, for me, it dove way, way down into "too, too dark."  I was actually kind of gobsmacked at the sharp turn it took.  Then, in the aftermath, it kind of redeemed itself, so that  was considering three-starring it.  But then I thought about that one scene so much, and I decided there really wasn't any coming back from it.


The primary protagonist in this narrative is a relentless optimist who is always thinking or saying, "I think everything will be just fine."  This line happens so often, I think that should have been the title of the book.  "The Happiest People in the World" comes up now and then, too, but not as often.