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Malice - Keigo Higashino

Police Detective Kyochiro Kaga is called in to investigate the murder of a novelist named Kunihiko Hidaka.  The "whodunit" aspect of the novel is resolved quite early in the narrative, and the rest of the story focuses on Kaga's unfurling of the "why" behind the crime.  This question of "why" turns out to be convoluted and full of false leads and obfuscation.


While this novel is the fourth in author Keigo Higashino's "Kyochiro Kaga" series, this was a first for me.  I happened upon it by chance while browsing my library's "available now" collection of downloadable audiobooks.  Kaga's meticulousness and determination made for a fascinating take on the "procedural" format, and I would definitely seek out the first three installments of the series to further witness his process.