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The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury  -  'Robert Kirkman', Jay Bonansinga, Fred Berman


The first installment of this series ended with the man who would soon be known as the Governor poised to slip into the role that gets him the name.  The next one starts with a new group of people struggling to survive in the new zombie-plagued world--during the course of their struggles they end up in the Governor's Woodbury.  It's slightly jarring to be dropped in with an unfamiliar group of characters, but it didn't take me long to warm up to them.  Once the narrative catches up to the Governor and spends some time in his head, the reader can see his unraveling into madness is coming right along.


While I am generally enjoying these books, I do have some quibbles.  One is that the authors actually misuse the word "fulsome" referring to a character's "surprisingly fulsome breasts."  I am fairly sure this was meant to be "full" and that the breasts were not offensively excessive or insincere


One thing I found interesting is that the point of view is third-person omniscient.  This was once a fairly common POV, but it's hardly used anymore.  This shows up mostly in the form of "what the characters don't realize is...."  Sometimes I found this a bit jarring.


This is definitely a transitional book in the series, ushering the reader on from the first book to the third, but enough is going on to keep me interested and to make me feel invested in the characters caught up in the Governor's regime.