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The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part 1 -  'Robert Kirkman', Jay Bonansinga, Fred Berman


This is the part of the "Governor" series that catches up with the narrative in the comics, told from the perspective of the "Woodbury" residents.  If you've read The Walking Dead volumes six through eight, you are familiar with the bits that overlap these novels.  This one take us through the final showdown between the Governor and Michonne (I keep wanting to pronounce her name "mee-SHONN," but on the show and in the audiobooks, it's "mee-SHONE").  The next book, The Fall of the Governor Part Two, picks up where volume 8 of the comics starts.


Something that doesn't sit that well with me in this installment a transformation that Lilly Caul goes through.  In the previous novel, she is part of an attempted coup against the Governor, recognizing him for the sadistic sociopath that he is.  In this one, she comes to think of him differently--like he's a sadistic sociopath, but at least he's their sadistic sociopath.  It's "like fighting fire with fire" in the zombie-apocalypse world in which they live, doing what's necessary to keep Woodbury residents safe and fed.  The transformation feels forced to me.  I understand the reason for it--as there are actions she took in volume eight of the comics in need of explanation.  But--I don't know.  Maybe there could have been a more organic way to bring her to where she needs to end up.


Anyway, I am already well into the next book.  Back to it, for me!