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Governor's War

The Fall of the Governor, Part 2 -  'Robert Kirkman', Jay Bonansinga, Fred Berman The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman


This book begins with the same action that starts Volume Eight of The Walking Dead.  Its plot ends shortly after the final moments of that same volume.  I feel as though Jay Bonansinga had an unenviable and maybe impossible task in these books:  writing Lilly Caul's story in a way that allows the reader to understand her choice to support the Governor.  As I mention in my review of part one, I found her about-face not entirely plausible.  Similarly, in this book, she seems to take massive doses of the Governor's Kool-Aid, even when she realizes he is telling lies during his saber-rattling speech to the Woodbury residents.  After the big show-down scenes at the prison (you know what happens if you've read the comics in question), it is hard for me to care what happens to her afterward.


Nonetheless, I'm still planning to read the next (and I think last) installment of this series, Descent (already checked out from the library).  It's interesting to witness these other perspectives even when I'm yelling in my head "You have to know he's a lying psychopath!  Stop him!"


I am planning to write a separate post called "The Gubernatorial Retcon,"* which will touch on plot points from this entire series through the current book.  If you've read these, you probably know what I'm thinking of as a retcon.


*Update:  I have written that post.