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Narrator STRESSING random WORDS in a sentence?

California - Emma Galvin, Edan Lepucki

This is something I posted in a discussion on audiobook narrators in a group over at Goodreads.  I wanted to share it here, too:


I might be the only one who notices/cares about this, but I am currently listening to Emma Galvin's narration of California . I recognized her voice right away, from having listened to her reading of the Divergent trilogy, and for whatever reason, I don't recall having the same issue with her that I'm having now. I remember thinking (and still do) that she always sounds a bit startled and frantic, but what is bothering me currently is that she places her emphasis on words that I wouldn't expect emphasized. For example, here is a sentence from the book: "A girl, older than the boy, with long brown hair, hid behind her mother's legs." Galvin stresses the word "BROWN": "with long brown hair." As if she supposes everyone was expecting the girl to be a blonde or something. I keep finding myself repeating sentences in my head with the emphasis moved/removed. Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon, with Galvin or any other narrator? I wish a director would give her notes to not do this!