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The Hunger Games - Carolyn McCormick, Suzanne  Collins

So, I'm finally listening to the audiobook of this, now that just about everyone else in the world has already read it.  My son has the trilogy, and I've been meaning to read it forever, but part of putting it off was "we have it; I can read it anytime--look what the library just got!"  But then the audiobook showed up as "recommended" for me at the library's e-collection site, so I decided it was time to stop putting it off.


I have an idiosyncratic gripe.  I'm not far in yet, having just started listening during my lunch hour and gotten to the scene where Katniss volunteers for the Hunger Games in place of her little sister Primrose.  The opening part leading up to that scene?  I kept cringing and thinking it really needed a trigger warning for vegans.  ALL. THE. HUNTING.  And it's illegal, but better to die by a bullet than of starvation.  I need a post-apocalyptic/dystopian novel where our good-guy characters come up with awesome vegan solutions to their survival conundrums!  Is that too much to ask?!?!?!  (I faced this issue a bit with California, but it really smacked me in the face in the opening of HG).  ::sulk::