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The Hunger Games - Carolyn McCormick, Suzanne  Collins

When I was preparing to complain about Emma Galvin's narration of California,  I came across a Goodreads discussion where someone mistakenly identified Galvin as having also (in addition to the Divergent trilogy, that is) narrated the Hunger Games trilogy.  Someone else correctly pointed out that Carolyn McCormick had narrated the HG books.  Now that I am listening to McCormick's narration of The Hunger Games, I can only say that I am shocked that anyone mistook McCormick's narration for Galvin's.  They couldn't sound more different from one another while still both being female. 


As for McCormick's narration, I can't help thinking that she sounds a bit old for the role.  Which is no wonder, considering that IMdb reports her as having been born on September 19, 1959, so she is going on 56 years old.  She is also an accomplished actress, known for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet in multiple Law & Order shows.  I guess the audiobook producer decided her acting chops trumped "youthful-sounding" as a narration quality.  And certainly if it were a choice of McCormick sounding a bit old but otherwise delivering a pleasant narration or Emma Galvin's youthful but frantic voice and its erratic emphasis/pausing, I'd definitely take McCormick's mature-sounding voice.