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Cliffhangers Ahoy!

The Walking Dead Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams - Stefano Gaudiano, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman

As I mentioned in my review of volume 22, there was a time jump between volumes 21 and 22.  Rick, Maggie, and other leaders in the survivor groups we've followed have established a network of communities and seem to have forged an increasingly stable new society.  They have food production, industry, and a system of justice which includes the premise "we don't kill [anymore]."  This latter includes keeping Negan in a jail cell (instead of killing him for the atrocities he's committed).  One of the things that happens in volume 22 is that Rick allows Carl to move to Maggie's community, where he begins an apprenticeship he has been interested in.  The move also allows him to rekindle his friendship with Sophia.


In 22, there appeared to be a subset of zombies displaying troubling new behavior:  speaking and using weapons.  In actuality, these neo-zombies are living people who wear zombie skins as protective disguises that allow them to live amongst the walkers without being detected or attacked.  That is, until living humans mistake them for real zombies and kill them inadvertently.  After a confrontation that leads to deaths on both sides, Jesus seizes one of them, who turns out to be a teenage girl named Lydia.  Naturally, in 23, Lydia ends up thinking that Carl and his eyehole are "hot."  Without giving too much away, I'll just say we end on another cliffhanger.  I'm exhausted and have to wait unti September for the next volume!