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The Kind of Girl Who Has a Filter?

Not That Kind of Girl: A young woman tells you what she's "learned" - Lena Dunham



Not That Kind of Girl is a collection of essays, and they are definitely not of equal quality.  I enjoyed them for the most part, but I did feel there was filler in the mix.  Do we really need an entire food diary?  Maybe instead include a few representative samples and then discuss what was going on when the entries were created.  I definitely felt as though some of the material should have been trimmed out, and then maybe she could have written some more new, stronger material to replace what had been excised.


Also, I now have the firm impression that Lena Dunham is not someone who ever stops herself right before saying something and ponders, "Hm, would that be TMI?"  She strikes me as someone without a filter.  Sometimes this is refreshing, but other times it's like "overshare alert!"  Also, it strikes me that she shared very little about her show Girls.


So, give this book a try if you are generally inclined to like Lena Dunham and are willing to tolerate some filler, such as a list of things in Dunham's purse.