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Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality - Jacob Tomsky


I'm a sucker for "job" memoirs.  This one shares the inner-workings of the "hospitality" industry, mostly from the perspective of someone who has spent many years working front desk, as well as stints in valet parking and managing housekeeping.  In addition, the author shares interesting historical tidbits and shares some tips about how to get extra amenities, such as room upgrades and late check-outs.  As for the latter, it mostly comes down to being polite, finding one desk agent to work with, and dropping a few tips in the right hands.  In case you wondered, it is rude to pick a hotel employee's name off of the tag and use it as if you are friends.  If you want to use the employee's name, although it is in front of you, you should ask.  "Andy--is it okay if I call you Andy?"


This audiobook had me laughing out loud at certain points, which you wouldn't necessarily anticipate for a book about hotels--but there you have it.  I'm so glad I had this one to clear my palate after being disappointed in John Waters's Carsick.  Bring on John Lydon! (aka Johnny Rotten)!  [He's next in my queue--stay tuned!]