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Where They Found Her

Where They Found Her - Kimberly McCreight

Ridgedale, New Jersey is a tight-knit, affluent community with a low crime rate.  Its residents are shocked when the body of a baby is found.  Molly Sanderson, a recent NYC transplant, is called in to report on the story when the usual "news" reporter is out on medical leave.  Having delivered a stillborn baby two years before, Molly is nervous about the emotions that following this lead might stir in her.


The story unfolds via multiple narrators:  Molly (in first-person chapters); Sandy Mendelson, a sixteen-year-old trying to figure out why her mother has been missing for a couple of days; and Barbara Carlson, wife of the chief of police and mother to 17-year-old Hannah and five-year-old Cole.  Their narratives are supplemented by the newspaper stories Molly writes, the comments to the online versions of the articles, and the 21-year-old journal Jenna, Sandy's mother, kept when she was a senior at Ridgedale High School.


The mystery unfolds at what feels like a leisurely pace until fairly close to the end, when certain events cause it to crack open.  Once it does, earlier events and elements take on a new meaning.  You might just find you want to read the book all over again, as that final knowledge changes what came before.


Side note:  Kimberly McCreight is also the author of Reconstructing Amelia, a book I've had on my TBR list for a long time.  I will definitely prioritize that one now that I've read Where They Found Her.