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The Unbearable Squishiness of Identity

Identity: A Novel (Audio) - Milan Kundera, Richmond Hoxie

One day, as Jean-Marc looks for Chantal, he briefly mistakes another woman for her.  Upon closer inspection, he realizes that this other woman looks considerably older than Chantal.  But once he does locate the real Chantal, he is struck by how her actual age is beginning to catch up with her.  He is taken aback when Chantal laments that men no longer  turn to look at her.  This disturbs him because the comment follows his having looked for her extensively.  Jean-Marc develops an anxiety over whether he'd made a mistake about Chantal's identity.  Chantal has a crisis of confidence over her sexual allure.


The short book blurs the lines between reality and perception; waking life and dream.  It was...  well, it was okay.  Hey, I love me some magical realism, uncertainty about what is "real" or not, and this was enjoyable enough, but it left me a bit cold.  Luckily, I already had my next audiobook loaded, because when this one ended, I had about four miles left of my 16-mile run.