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Library of Souls

Library of Souls - Ransom Riggs


I wanted to like this more than I did.  I tried to like this more than I did.  There were times when I felt I might three-star this book, but there was just too much of me feeling "meh" about what happens.  Riggs had some cool ideas, but I still think making his story into a trilogy was a mistake.  He could have tightened the narrative to one strong novel.  Stretching it out to three meant way too much filler.  It feels as though the adventure took Jacob years rather than days.  He should have "aged forward" to 90 by the time this was done.


Random aside:  Since Jacob's paternal grandfather had been named Abraham, if you'd had to guess what his father's name would be, wouldn't you guess Isaac?  Nope, it's Franklin.  Oh, but Franklin is barely in this book, and the bit he's in is mostly unpleasant.


I will note that I mostly listened to this in audio form, as I did with the first two installments.  I briefly had the print version checked out from the library, but it was a seven-day loan.  It was highly requested and had to go back.  I mention this because I realize that the photographs were a big deal to Riggs.  He reportedly had wanted to just publish the found photography but was somehow urged to write a story to go with the pictures.  So I missed most of the pics this time, and occasionally, it would occur to me that something being described was most likely in one of the pics.  But I was more annoyed than thinking I was missing them.  The photos I did see were curiosities but little more. The narrative should not have been a slave to the photography.


There were certain inconsistencies that bothered me, too.  One I would straight-up call a retcon (concerning one of Alma Peregrine's brothers).  The discrepancy was chalked up to Alma's point of view, but the characteristic in question would not have been a matter of opinion, and Alma is presented as a reliable source.


The good news is that my  next audio selection is by Haruki Murakami.  Love me some Murakami.