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The Forgotten Girls - Sara Bl├Ždel

For most of the book, I felt it was on its way to a three-star rating from me.  I was thinking interesting premise, writing a bit workman-like and prone to over-explaining.  An example of the over-explaining:


"My name is Louise Rick," she said, holding out her hand and explaining who she was.


Isn't the "explaining who she was" part self-evident?  Anyway, once the mystery unraveled in the late chapters, I felt the book strained credulity beyond its breaking point.  I just kept shaking my head and thinking this is not how real human beings would behave, even in the circumstances the book presents.  Also, there was a scene where Louise Rick put herself in a vulnerable position that I wouldn't expect a real police officer to do, just so she can experience a dramatic trauma.  Hey, the bad guy is still on the loose, but I'm comfortable taking a closer look at his lair with no back-up!


I came to this book with no knowledge of the series that it is a part of, and therefore I cannot comment on whether the other books are any better.  (Though I'd be interested to hear from anyone who does know the other books.)