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Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood - Julie Gregory

This book had caught my eye on the library shelves a while back, but I think at the time I was already reading too many books at once (as per usual!).  I bumped into it again during a random browse and decided to check it out lest I forget.


Julie Gregory was an adult before she heard of Munchausen by Proxy and realized that her mother had intentionally sickened her and weakened her over the course of many years, creating medical mysteries one more test or procedure might finally "get to the bottom of."  Her family also featured a schizophrenic father, a younger brother, and, for a time, a rotating cast of foster children and elderly military veterans (two groups that were not supposed to be housed in the same family).


After reading this book (which I didn't want to put down during the last quarter or so as things unraveled) I went online and found an interview with Gregory on GMA.  The book was published in 2003, though the interview was more recent.  The mother never, ever admitted she did anything wrong.  I still don't know the composition of the white pills she was slipping to Julie, ostensibly to treat migraines, while actually making the headaches worse.  I suspect Julie herself still doesn't know.