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Trippy Little Train

M Train - Patti Smith

I think it's appropriate that Patti Smith begins her narrative by sharing a dream of hers.  There is a dreamlike quality to her whole text, whether she is sharing dreams or details of her waking life.  It wasn't always obvious which was which.  There is a sprawling, stream-of-consciousness quality to the entire endeavor.  To enjoy it, one must be (1) pre-disposed to like Patti Smith, (2) in the right mood, and (3) into that kind of thing.  I mostly was on-board, though it took me a mental adjustment to get into this.  Especially since I was out on a 24-mile training run when Out of Orange ended and my mp3 player switched me over to M Train.  Mind shift!


Three things I have in common with Patti Smith are our deep and abiding love for:


  1. (1) Coffee
    (2) TV police procedurals
    (3) Haruki Murakami

[Booklikes:  your "numbered list" button does not work, and I had to type in my numbers like a savage!]


One of the things that made me laugh out loud was when Smith discovered someone sitting at "her" table at her favorite cafe and imagined ways the woman's body would be found if this were happening at the beginning of a couple of her favorite police procedurals.  One of my go-to jokes is to "warn" characters, "Hey, don't you know you're at the beginning of a [Bones/Criminal Minds/Law & Order/etc.] episode?!?  Something bad is about to happen!"


So check this one out if you are a Patti Smith and in the right mood for rambly, trippy, stream-of-consciousness musings.