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The Grownup: A Story by the Author of Gone Girl - Julia Whelan, Gillian Flynn

I didn't actually listen to the "audio CD," but the audiobook version I did listen to does not exist at Booklikes, and I am too tired to create a new edition.


This is a shortie--the audio was only around 1:17 and change.  The narrator was raised by a grifter and currently works as an aura-reading clairvoyant who still occasionally gives hand jobs to favorite clients in the back room (carpal tunnel has caused her to semi-retire from that service).  One of her aura-reading clients is a troubled young woman who lives in a spooky old Victorian mansion that was gutted out and modernized on the inside.  The woman, Susan Burke, is unhappily married and afraid of her teenage stepson.  She even has her own son, age-seven Jack, lock his bedroom door from the inside to protect him from Miles.  There might be something wrong about the house.  Could it be cursed?  Haunted?


I don't want to give away any answers to these questions, but this book is a fun little jaunt and it's got some interesting twists.  Definitely recommended to Gillian Flynn fans.