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Bones on Ice - Kathy Reichs, Katherine Borowitz

A few years ago, a co-worker of mine passed along to me a copy of 206 Bones.  As a fan of the TV show Bones, I was curious about the book series that had inspired it.  But I quickly abandoned the book for a couple of reasons.  One, I was thrown off by the vast differences in simple biographical details between book Temperance Brennan and show Temperance Brennan.  This was an entirely different Tempe.  With no Agent Booth!  I found that distracting.  Then, I soon realized the book was opening with the buried-alive trope.  Hate the buried-alive trope.


But when I saw there was a Bones novella, I decided to give it a try.  Just three hours of audio.  Now, I do still find the biographical differences off-putting.  There is no Jeffersonian Institute!  Book Tempe splits her time between a lab in Charlotte, NC and one in Montreal.  (I think this echoes the author's details.)  She doesn't seem as knowledgeable as TV-show Tempe.  (Can you imagine Emily Deschanel's Bones not being sure whether Everest is in Nepal or Tibet?)  I decided I needed to put that all aside and just accept that this is a whole separate character with a different universe.  Though even having accepted all that, it killed me when this Temperance ordered chicken in a restaurant.  B-b-but....  What do you mean this Tempe's not a vegetarian?!?!?!


So, Tempe is brought in to identify the body of a young woman who died on Mount Everest...  Three years before!  The local Charlotte cops are not happy, since the death occurred in a different country.  But the mother of the woman whose body the corpse is presumed to be is very wealthy and influential.


The body is frozen and without teeth.  The identification will be tricky.  Figuring out what happened will mean delving into the world of high-peak mountain climbers.  And of course there are twists.


I did enjoy the unraveling of the mystery.  I enjoy the puzzle aspect of this kind of narrative.  I wasn't super-blown away, but I am about to start another audiobook from the series, so maybe I'll be fully hooked on this series before too long.  I still prefer TV-show Tempe, though!