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Shrill is the New Kind

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman - Lindy West

I am not someone who sits around and listens to an audiobook without doing something else at the same time.  For me, the whole point of an audiobook is that I can enjoy a book while I'm doing something else.  In my case, the "something else" is usually my training runs, though the other most likely activities are walking from the parking lot to my office or walking around during lunch hour.  Here is how you know I really like an audiobook and want an excuse to keep listening:  I do the dishes!  While listening to Shrill during this long holiday weekend I did the dishes.  I did them many times, extra times instead of letting the dishes pile up as much as they normally do.  Thanks to Lindy West, we have no unwashed dishes cluttering the sink!


I had never heard of Lindy West before coming across this audiobook listed among "nonfiction audio" in my library digital e-collection.  From the description, I decided this sounded like something I'd enjoy.  West writes for numerous venues, which have included the Seattle alt-weekly paper The Stranger, Jezebel, and The Guardian.  West focuses on culture, politics, and body shaming, among other topics.  She is, above all, kind, compassionate, and funny.  She is the type of writer who inspires readers to be their better selves.  (And now I need to figure out which audiobook to download next.)