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So That Happened (to Duckie)

So That Happened - Jon Cryer

I don't care how many years Jon Cryer portrayed Alan Harper on Two and a Half Me:  He'll always be Duckie (from Pretty in Pink) to me!  In the chapter where he discusses having worked with Charlie Sheen on the movie Hot Shots (years and years before 2.5 Men), he had an aside along the lines of "I know you've been waiting to hear me talk about Charlie Sheen.  Naw, man--I was all ears about Pretty in Pink!


I had to laugh about his being mistaken for Matthew Broderick, starting in 1983.  At the time Cryer was working as a theater usher, and audience members kept praising him for his work on-stage.  They thought he was Matthew Broderick, who was starring in Torch Song Trilogy.  Soon after, Cryer was Broderick's understudy on Broadway.  Here's a fun fact:  My brother has a nearly separated-at-birth resemblance to Jon Cryer.  At around the same time Cryer was being mistaken for Broderick, my brother started being told "you look just like Matthew Broderick!"  Then, once Pretty in Pink had come out, he started getting "You look like Jon Cryer!"  (My brother, by the way, is one year older than Jon Cryer is.  I'm two years younger than Cryer,  Yeah, he's "our generation.")  Anyway, I'm not quite done with this.  Several years ago, my brother was at a wedding where Broderick was also a guest (groom was one of Sarah Jessica Parker's brothers).  My brother couldn't stop himself from telling Broderick, "People are always telling me I look like you!"  I don't recall the details of Broderick's reaction, but I think it was politely dismissive.  I've now suggested to my brother that all he needs to do now is be a guest at a wedding where Cryer is a guest, so they can compare notes!


So, I did enjoy this.  Cryer is a likeable narrator who doesn't take himself overly seriously.  I guess I was less curious about the "Charlie Sheen" stuff than his ideal reader might be, though I was mildly interested in knowing about the crazy behind the scenes.  He didn't tell me what I did want to know:  Why did the original ending of Pretty in Pink, where Andie and Duckie end up together at the prom, not appear as an extra on the "Everything's Duckie" 25th-anniversary edition of the DVD?  Did it get destroyed?  And why did James Spader not do interviews for it?  Sheesh, this was Pretty in Pink!!!