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Refreshing My Memory

A Dance with Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire) - George R.R. Martin, Roy Dotrice

Having finally watched Season Five of Game of Thrones on DVD (I don't have cable), I found myself with the irresistible urge to listen to A Dance With Dragons on audio and refresh my memory.  My brain had been cataloging the various things the show had changed from the book, and I wanted to confirm that I was remembering correctly.  Also, in case Winds of Winter comes out anytime soon, I want to remember what-all happened in DwD.


Memo to Tyrion:  When your father said "Wherever whores go," it wasn't a riddle.  He was being a dismissive jerk.  Ironic that Tyrion gets grumpy with a young "bed warmer" whom he sees as a fool who thinks he is trafficking in riddles.  Because he's the fool who thought that Tywin Lannister was trafficking in riddles.