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A Dwarf is Not an Imp!

A Dance with Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire) - George R.R. Martin, Roy Dotrice

Would you believe that if you type the phrase "a dwarf is not an imp"--just like that, with quotation marks around it (to look for the exact phrase), that Google gives you no results?  For that phrase? "A dwarf is not an imp"?  I find this a bit astonishing, because I seem to mumble this every time a character refers to or addresses Tyrion as "imp."  So I am hoping to change that fact by writing this entry.  Have I mentioned that a dwarf is not an imp?


Anyway, I finished my re-listen a couple of days ago.  Who knows how much longer it will be before George R. R. Martin releases The Winds of Winter?  So I want to jot down various threads I am thinking of while they are still fresh in my mind.  Spoilers follow (so will hide accordingly).



Starting with the end:  Varys.  Such an interesting character.  I'd actually forgotten about the cliff-hanger that the epilogue closes on.  "It's not personal."  Everything he does is for the good of the realm, and he thinks that the best thing for the realm would be to have Aegon Targaryen sit the iron throne.  Varys comments to the soon-to-be-dead Ser Kevan Lannister that "Tommen has been taught that kingship is his right.  Aegon knows that kingship is his duty, that a king must put his people first, and live and rule for them."  Throughout the books, the good of the realm has been a consistent motivation for Varys's actions.


Danaerys:  Her section also ends with a cliff-hanger. She stands by her dragon as Khal Jhago finds her and 50 mounted warriors arrive.  But is Dany is in any danger?  What chance do 51 human beings, however fierce, have against Drogon?


Jon Snow!  You know nothing Jon Snow, but neither do I.  I believe I've been spoiled that he survives, though I'm not sure how.  Maybe his skinchanger abilities kick in and his spirit jumps into Ghost at just the right moment.  (No season-six spoilers, please--I don't have cable and haven't seen it yet!) Although I'd remembered the awful scene where his Night's Watch "brothers" attack him "for the Watch," I'd forgotten that this happens just after the Wildlings rally around him and prepare to ride off to Winterfell with him, to take on Ramsay Bolton.  Big sigh.  I really want Jon Snow to survive.  (I also really hope all of Eddard Stark's surviving children continue to survive and are reunited---with one another and the surviving Direwolves!)


Cersei.  I recall in one of the books, someone asks Tyrion if his "sweet sister" has any virtues, and he replies that she loves her children.  This really is a central motivation for her; many of her bad decisions come from a place of loving her children.  And of course, with Joffrey she managed to raise a monster.  During one of her chapters in this book, it struck me that she really believes Tyrion was responsible for killing Joffrey.  I can't help thinking that if she'd ever gotten to know him better, she'd realize he wouldn't have done that.  Even though he was fairly aware that Joffrey was a monster.  And why, oh why did Cersei never give Tyrion credit for the military victory against Stannis?  Which one was that--Clash of Kings?  I do remember Tywin swooping in at the end and grabbing credit, but did no one recognize Tyrion's accomplishments?


Arya:  I just love her.  Her adventures in Braavos are some of my favorite parts of this book.  Her growing powers are fascinating.  And there's evidence that she's a Warg!  She could see through a cat's eyes when she was Blind Beth.


Theon Greyjoy.  Turncloak.  Oh, the awful things he did to impress his awful father.  Balon Greyjoy arguably placed his son into an impossible situation.  Of course, I hated Theon for his betrayal of the Starks, but what Ramsay Snow/Bolton does to him is beyond the pale.  At lease he makes the decision to help Jeyne Poole/Fake Arya escape.  Pulling for his badass sister Asha Greyjoy to sort this mess out.


Does anyone think Tyrion will someday find Tysha?  Her story is so disturbing.  Tywin was well and truly a monster.  If Tyrion ever does find her, I hope he discovers she has found a way to live that doesn't involve prostitution, despite Tywin and Jaime's lies and Tywin's final brush-off, "wherever whores go."

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