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Dry - Augusten Burroughs

Dry picks up about seven years after where Running With Scissors leaves off.  At age 24, he has a high-paying job in advertising, which had managed to advertise himself into at age 19 despite no ad experience and no directly related education.  At this point in his life, he drinks excessively on a nightly basis, and although he believes the drinking is not damaging his work performance, his arriving late or not at all for client meetings, reeking of alcohol, leaves his employers, coworkers, and clients with a different opinion.  At work, he is on the receiving end of an intervention that leaves him with the choices of entering a 30-day rehab program or losing his job.  He opts for the rehab, choosing a gay rehab in Minneapolis, called Pride.  His initial thought is that he'll go through his 30 days and come out of able to "drink like a normal person."  He soon learns that's not something he can ever expect for himself.


Readers who have read Running With Scissors will certainly understand how Burroughs ended up turning to alcohol to numb the feelings that would otherwise overwhelm him.  I enjoyed the way he recounted his experiences both in the advertising world and the rehab/recovery process.  And I admired his talent for injecting humor into unexpected places.