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The Girls (Audio) - Amy Goldman Koss

This is a very short listen; it was just over two hours, and I listened to the whole thing in one day (partly on a run and partly waiting for/riding an Amtrak train).  Maya is a seventh grader who suddenly finds herself shut ouf of the clique she'd formerly belonged to.  Its queen bee Candace had suddenly become bored with her and convinced Darcy not to invite Maya to a slumber party.  The other members of the clique, Brianna and Renee, are included in the party.  The audio production features a full cast to depict the characters, and each chapter is narrated by one of the girls.  The girls who are expected to go along with the shunning have varying reactions to the situation, along with quite different parental approaches to what the girls are doing.  The girls have mixed feelings about Candace, along with their perceived expectation that they always need to agree with her or comply with her wishes.  Candace herself has the feeling that her friends are "feeding off of [her]" with their constant need to please her.


I'm not in the target audience for this book, but I feel the author is doing the whole "cliques" thing right.  I think Lisi Harrison needs to read this and absorb the idea that the mean-girl tactics of middle-school cliques are not a cool thing young readers should be encouraged to emulate.