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Sunday's on the Phone to Monday

Sunday's on the Phone to Monday - Christine Reilly Carter, Julia Whelan

I was a bit hesitant to give this one a star rating.  While I can say "I liked this," and I enjoyed the writing style, once it was done, I felt I'd known a family for a couple of decades and knew that they had some family secrets that came out over time, had love and loss, forgiveness, etc., etc.  Like life itself, it was kind of episodic.  Couple meets cute in 1989 Manhattan, marries, has two biological daughters and one adopted.  Dad has a crazy sister named Jane, but keeps her existence a secret from the daughters for many years, and spoilers happen.  Dad operates a record store (oh, I'm sorry--"vinyls") and there are too many quotes from songs.  Now I'm sounding as if I didn't like this, even though I did.  But in a way, it was as pointless and poignant as life itself.