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Bones are Forever - Kathy Reichs, Barbara Rosenblat



I didn't hate this and didn't love it.  It was just kind of "meh" for me.  A mysterious woman who had been living in a rooming house in Quebec had left behind remains of three different dead babies, concealed in different locations.  Then she disappeared.  Temperance Brennan and co. end up launching on a protracted journey that takes them to Edmonton and finally Yellowknife.  Edmonton is maddeningly referred to with female pronouns ("she"; "her"; why is it never "he" or "his"?).


Tempe puts herself into dangerous situations.  I've now read enough of Reichs to understand (regrettably) that this is a baked-in trait of her Temperance.  And lest we have a moment of mistaking "book" Tempe for "show" Tempe, this on-page Tempe eats bacon and eggs!  She ain't no vegetarian type (heaven forfend--rolleyes).


I'll also note that I read this out of order; this is book #15 in the series, and the other full novel I've read is #18.