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Unreliable Witness on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Clare Corbitt, Paula Hawkins, India Fisher, Louise Brealey

Every morning, Rachel Watson takes a commuter train into London.  Every evening, she takes the train back to suburban Ashbury.  She is not commuting to a job; she lost it months before, due to her advanced alcoholism.  But she keeps pretending to go to her PR job because she doesn't have the heart to break the news to Cathy, who was kind enough to let Rachel move in "temporarily," following Rachel's divorce from Tom two years before.


In both directions, the train stops for a minute or so at a signal.  When it does, Rachel gets a view of the backyards of a row of Victorian houses.  Often, she sees a young couple, and from watching them, Rachel comes to feel as though she knows them.  She names them Jason and Jess, and even imagines professions for them.  In her mind, they are an ideal couple, with a perfect, happy relationship.  She tries not to look a few houses over, to where she used to live with her ex-husband Tom, who continues to live there with his second wife Anna--the woman he'd started an affair with while still married to Rachel. 


To add to Rachel's pain is the fact that Anna and Tom have a baby, Evie.  Four years earlier, Rachel's infertility and failed round of IVF launched the depression and alcoholism, putting a strain on her marriage.


One day, Rachel sees from the train something that shakes her impression of the perfect relationship she has imagined for "Jason" and "Jess."  And when "Jess," whose real name is Megan Hipwell, disappears, Rachel thinks she might have information that could help in the investigation.  Only her alcohol use causes her to experience blackouts.  Pieces of her memory are missing, and the police quickly decide she is an unreliable witness.  Still, she is eager to help, and she becomes entangled in the lives of strangers.  Meanwhile, Tom and Anna are anxious to get her to leave them alone.


Can Rachel access the missing memories?  Can they help her solve this mystery?  Tune in and see.


The audiobook has three separate narrators, each assigned to a different first-person, narrator:  Rachel, Megan, and Anna.  The narrative moves along at a fast pace, and the twists keep things interesting.  As one might expect in a mystery, appearances can be deceptive.