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No Turning Back

The Walking Dead Volume 25: No Turning Back - Stefano Gaudiano, Dave Stewart, Charles Adlard, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman



And the saga goes on.  (And on.)  I read most of this while viewing season six of the show on DVD (just finished disc 2).  No spoilers for season seven, please--I don't have cable, so I am always a season behind (at the very least).  It's interesting watching characters who have been around in the books for a while already beginning to appear on the show.  I know they've set the ground-work for Negan's inevitable appearance, and I've peeked in iMDB to see which actor plays him.  Good casting, I have to say!


My husband commented that whenever things have been going well for the characters for a while, they need to brace themselves for the next disaster.  That's true for the books, too.  A new disaster arrived in volume 24, and volume 25 has the aftermath.  The Whisperers slaughtered a fairly large number of the community members and left their heads on spikes at the end of 24.  25 leaves the community thirsty for revenge.  And at the end, Rick is taking some advice from Negan, of all people.  To be continued, as always.  Fortunately, I have volume 26 at the ready.