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Disney Book Group: NO GALLEY FOR *YOU*!

I have too many books in my to-be-read queue.  Always.  Many of these books are ARC galleys from Netgalley.  I generally limit myself to "Read Now" titles, and even then, I make a point of only choosing books I am certain I actually want to read.  I haven't always been great about following through on the reading and reviewing because...  too many books, too little time.


Sometimes I do request books, though.  Again, I make a point of only choosing books I am interested in reading.  I went on a bit of a requesting spree back in February, and mostly my requests were accepted.  I don't feel entitled to having my requests accepted--there are too many books, and I'm fine with not reading every single book in my request universe.


But here is something that has been sticking in my craw, almost two months later.  I don't even recall which book I'd requested, but I received this "rejection" email:


Request notification from Disney Book Group.

You recently requested to view a title from NetGalley's Public Catalog. Unfortunately, we have declined your request for access to the title at this time. Please check to make sure your profile meets our request criteria before requesting a title again or contacting us directly. Please note that while we do accept requests from bloggers, we cannot approve everyone.


What?!?  No.  I am not going into "request criteria" for every single title that is available for request on Netgalley, to make sure I am suitable.  You know what, Disney Book Group?  You need people to read and review your galleys more than I need galleys to read and review.  When your books are for-realsies released, I can get them from the library and give them any-shit review I want to.  (Not that I'm inclined to take this out on the author--again, I don't even recall which book this was.)


If a publisher like Disney Book Group only wants reviewers who meet some s00per-speshul "request criteria" to BOTHER them with requests?  Then work something out with Netgalley so that apparent riff-raff, unsuitable reader-reviewers like me never receive the promotional emails encouraging us to click the "REQUEST IT" button.  And?  Screw you.