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Sandra Brown is Not a Runner

Mean Streak - Sandra Brown, Jonathan Davis

This post is inspired by a comment someone made in a review of Mean Streak on Goodreads.  The reviewer noted that Sandra Brown is obviously not a runner, because she had her female protagonist doing a 20-mile training run when she was only nine days out from a marathon.  I hadn't thought about this while reading, but it's true.  The character should have been tapering!  She would most likely have done her last 20-miler when the race was three weeks away.  The usual strategy is to drop training volume the last couple-few weeks before race day to ensure fresh legs.  Also, the character decided it was a good idea to do this 20-miler on remote trails in the mountains of North Carolina without a running buddy.  And she is supposed to be smart.


Near the end of the book, the character crosses the finish line of a marathon, and she is cheered, since she is the organizer and chief fundraiser of the charity race in question.  But the author leaves out details any runner would want to know:  What was her time?  Was it a PR (personal record)?  If so, by how much?  Was it a BQ (Boston qualifying)?  The important things!