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Talk Like TED

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds - Carmine Gallo



I don't do all that much public speaking, but I work in continuing medical education, so making better presentations and determining how people best learn are recurrent issues.  And Gallo is not kidding that medical presentations are often quite boring!  I think this book has useful tips for people who want to improve their ability to plan and deliver effective, memorable talks.  While listening/reading I did make a point of seeking out some of the TED Talks that Gallo discusses.


My favorite parts of the book had to do with techniques that optimize learning/memory.  Like how learning something new and exciting causes the brain to release dopamine, which, in turn, promotes memory.  Same type of process for hearing something highly emotional.  I was much less engaged when he focused on optimizing advertising, marketing, or business pitches.


Ironically, I felt Gallo's narration style was less than optimal.  He mentions that the optimal speaking rate for narrating an audiobook is considerably slower than what is optimal for conversation and, by extension, for a TED talk.  But his speaking rate was so... measured...  I... wish... he'd... found... something... in... between... the.. two... rates.