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The Walking Dead Volume 29: : Lines We Cross - Robert Kirkman


I'm looking forward to reading this book when it comes out in 2018.  But that's not really what I'm posting about.  I've just finished marking this as "Planning to read" here on Booklikes and separately marking it "Want to read" on Goodreads.  LIKE A SAVAGE. Because my Booklikes to Goodreads sync stopped working.  And yes, I tried to disconnect the sync and then reconnect.  I was able to accomplish the first part of that.  But now when I try to connect again, I find that clicking the "connect" button does nothing.  The page pretends it is "processing [my] request," but that is a lie, and the stupid green "connect" button continues to sit there and look at me.  Like it doesn't know what I'm talking about.


[Yes, I am frustrated.  I posted about this in the "Bug Report" group, but no response.  Now I have posted there a second time AND sent a "support" email.]