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Expecially A-holes

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't (Audio) - Robert I. Sutton



With my interest in behavioral economics piqued, I found this book by searching "behavioral economics" in my library's e-collection and narrowing the results to available mp3 audiobooks.  This yielded a fairly short list, and this one interested me more than the others.


Nothing too surprising in this book.  Toxic jerks can be incredibly destructive to businesses and organizations.  HR people should not hire them.  If possible, workers with "a-hole" bosses should get out if they reasonably can.  If not, there are strategies  to reduce the damage.  There are anecdotes and studies cited.  The book could be helpful for people who are in a position to hire employees (know what to avoid) or have to navigate a-hole infested workplaces.


In case you're wondering about "expecially," that is the way Sutton pronounces "especially."  I know one person in real life who does that, and until I listened to this audiobook, I thought she might be the only one.  Now I know at least one other person does it.  I cringed every time I heard him do this and was reminded that most authors should not narrate their own audiobooks.