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Girl Who Takes an Eye For an Eye

The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye - David Lagercrantz, Simon Vance

This book is the second one by David Lagencrantz, continuing Stieg Larsson's series.  At its start, Lisbeth Salander is serving a two-month sentence in a high-security women's prison, for certain actions that she took to protect a vulnerable character in Lagencrantz's first installment, The Girl in the Spider's Web.  Lisbeth's protective instincts are in high gear because of Faria Kazi, a young Bangladeshi woman being terrorized by a brutal inmate who calls herself Benito (yest, after Mussolini).  Salander doesn't particularly mind being in prison, but she minds very much that Benito's reign of terror is going unchecked.  She takes matters into her own hands in her own Lisbeth way, of course.


Meanwhile, there is another mystery to relates to Salander's childhood.  Of course, it involves an intricate conspiracy, and Mikhael Blomkvist, famous journalist and Salander ally, is pulled into an investigation. Naturally, there is a ruthless villain who is willing to go to extreme measures to keep the conspiracy covered up.


I'd say this is a solid installment in the series, though I can't shake the feeling that I'm reading officially sanctioned "Lisbeth Salander" fanfic.  I will keep reading the books as they come out, so I find out what happens next--and I hope that Lisbeth herself will play a more central role in the next book.