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Good and Mad

Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger - Rebecca Traister

"Anger is an energy."


--John Lydon


"If you're not angry, you're not paying attention."




As Rebecca Traister points out in this book,  women are constantly discouraged from experiencing or expressing anger.  It's unattractive; it's not received well.  Female politicians who dare express anger are chided and/or ridiculed, while their male counterparts are lauded when they do so.  Women are told anger is unhealthy; it needs to be pushed down, or it needs to be sublimated.


But as Traister demonstrates, throughout history, women's righteous anger, when channeled into political action and organizing, has effected real change.  And many women who had never considered activism or politics have been mobilized by the excesses of the Trump regime, as well as systemic abuses of male power that have been exposed (so to speak) following the Harvey Weinstein revelations.  In 2018, women have run for political office in record numbers.


Traister encourages women not to suppress the anger, not to revert to silence and comfort, but to continue so that the current "moment" continues to become an ongoing movement.


This is an important book.  Angry women should read it for reassurance that they are not crazy; that they can use their anger in productive and healthy ways.  Women who are not angry should read it to understand why other women ARE angry and to consider why they themselves are not.  Men should read it to understand why women are angry and should not be talked out of it.  And if many of them can become allies, that would be great, too.