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Stranger Beside Me

Stranger Beside Me (Audio) - Ann Rule

This was an abridged audiobook--which I did not actually even realize until I got to the end credits, and "abridged by" came up.  Had I realized this was abridged, I would not have downloaded it from my library's e-collection.


This was...  Okay.  I don't feel as though I gained much insight into sociopathic serial killer Ted Bundy.  Ann Rule by coincidence was friends with him, having met him when they both volunteered for a suicide-prevention hotline.  She of course did not want to believe the handsome, polite friend could have been the perpetrator of the series of murders, kidnappings, and attempted murders that were happening in various places where Ted Bundy happened to be living at the time.  In Washington State, Utah, Colorado, and Florida.  And yet....  It was.  At one point, she makes the strange statement that Ted Bundy had taken lives, but he had also saved them.  She had seen him do so (via the hotline, presumably).


As mentioned above, this was an abridged recording--I have no way to know whether the full book provides a deeper analysis of Bundy.  If you are curious, go ahead and find the full text at your library.  But I suspect you can find out just as much via online searches and Netflix specials on murderers.