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Wife Between Us

The Wife Between Us - Julia Whelan, Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks

Mea culpa time:  I received an ARC of this book in September of 2017 (had to search my emails to figure out when this was!).  I had the best of intentions but kept not getting to it.


Fast forward more than one year, and the book has gotten a ton of [well-deserved] attention.  And....  It's available as audiobook.  Which seems to be the only way to come close to a 100% guarantee I will complete a book anymore.  I requested it from the library e-collection, waited, downloaded, listened.  Got almost immediately hooked.  Kicked myself for not jumping on this one right away.  Back in September of 2017!


Vanessa Thompson, recently divorced, wishes to prevent her ex-husband, Richard, from marrying his new fiancee.  


Why is she intent on stopping him?


Well....  This book has plenty of twists.  The kind that make you want to re-read early sections after a new piece of information blows your mind.  I don't want to spoil the fun by being more specific than that.  I'll just note that the book is divided into three parts.  You go into part two after your mind has gone boom.  Part three also occurs after an interesting shift, though not as brain-kicking as the first.


This is a quick, fun, gratifying read for fans of this genre (mystery/thriller)


The audio includes a recorded conversation between the two co-authors.