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Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump - Rick Reilly

I am not a golf person, so this is an unlikely book for me, but this article by the author, Rick Reilly, piqued my interest:  "Whatever Trump Is Playing, It Isn’t Golf."


Rick Reilly is a long-time golf writer for Sports Illustrated.  The subtitle of this book is "How Golf Explains Trump."  Reilly's premise is that everything you need to know about Donald Trump, you can learn from the way he plays golf and manages his golf courses:  the cheating, the lying, the rule-breaking, the double-dealing, and the contract breaking.  I never would have made those connections without this book (again--not a golf person), but everything Reilly lays out about the way Trump conducts himself in the golf world maps itself to the way he conducts himself in the White House (including actions that potentially benefit his golf courses, and thereby his personal wealth, since he never did divest himself from his companies).


An eye-opening lens through which to view Trump World.