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Lisey's Story

Lisey's Story - Stephen King, Mare Winningham



Lisey Landon is the widow of Scott Landon, a beloved, best-selling author who died two years before the main action of the novel (whose "now" is 2006).  Despite persistent requests from interested professors, she has not been able to bring herself to go through and pack up his papers and books to donate to a university library.  She begins to receive threats from an unhinged individual who promises to hurt her if she doesn't arrange to donate the collection to one of the professors in particular.  At around the same time, her sister Amanda, who has a history of self-harming, badly cuts up her hands before entering a catatonic state.


This is a big book.  Its focus includes the language of marriage (with its own secret vocabulary), the process of grieving, the creative process, different types of love (familial as well as romantic), surviving trauma, and so much more.


Lisey is not Tabitha King, and Lisey's sisters are not her sisters but, as King reveals in his afterward, their "sister thing" is inspired by the "sister thing" of Tabitha and her sisters.  Similarly, although Scott Landon is not Stephen King, but they seem to share a creative landscape.