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One of Us is Lying

One of Us Is Lying - Kim Mai Guest, Shannon McManus, Robbie Daymond, MacLeod Andrews, Karen  M. McManus

Five high-school students in the San Diego suburb Bayview are given detention for having cell phones in their bags. But the odd thing is the phones are not theirs. One of the students, Bronwyn, tries to make this point by holding up her actual phone, which was stowed in her locker when she was nabbed for having the other in her bag. Simon, widely hated for running a gossip app called "About That," makes the point that they are teen-movie clichés (even the blurb references The Breakfast Club). Bronwyn is the honor student who is certain to replicate the family tradition of going to Yale. Cooper is the star pitcher with Major League Baseball in his future. Addy is the beautiful blonde homecoming queen. Nate, a known drug dealer, fulfills the Judd Nelson The Breakfast Club role, only he's way cuter.

Detention is cut short when Simon, known to have a peanut allergy, goes into anaphylactic shock. The epipen that Simon normally carries is nowhere to be found, and the stock kept in the nurse's office cannot be found. Medical assistance arrives, but is too late to save him.

How was Simon exposed to peanut? Did one of the other students in detention set up the detention as well as Simon's death? The four remaining students are soon considered suspects, and are unwittingly thrown together from a mutual need to discover what really happened.

This was a fairly solid mystery read for me. I was interested in listening to it unfolding. While listening, I was on my way to giving this book four stars. I enjoyed the characters' interactions, as they became a support group of sorts. But ultimately, it became one of those "once I really think about this, I question its plausibility too much." Also, the epilogue section, while involving all four protagonists, is told from just one character's perspective--and I would have enjoyed hearing from the others directly in that final wrap-up.

I will also mention, as a plug for the audiobook, that there are four separate narrators, so each literally has a distinct voice. This is something I've come to appreciate in audiobooks.