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Cruel Prince

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black, Caitlin Kelly

This one wasn't for me.  It had been the October pick for my library's Forever YA book club, and I ended up skipping our October meeting because every time I'd try to start the book, I'd nope out, and couldn't even get all the way through the prologue.  But when I checked out the hardcover edition, I'd also placed a hold on the downloadable audio version, and it auto-checked out for me.  I thought, "What the heck," and I put it on my mp3 player.


I did a lot of eye-rolling.  Head-shaking.  When Jude is seven years old, she and her sisters witness the murder of her parents and are abducted into The Land of Faerie by their murderer, who also happens to be the biological father of her half-faerie older sister (Jude has a twin).  This all happens in the prologue, so not spoilage.


We jump ten years for the main part of the book.  Despite having watched him murder her parents. Jude has come to love her Faerie Stepfather (ish) Madoc, who is a general to the high court in Faerie.  Jude and her twin take lessons with "the gentry," and their faerie classmates constantly bully them for being human and mortal.  (And somehow adults are never around to stop the physical abuse.)


Jude quickly becomes an unsympathetic character, as her main drives become obtaining power and position in the royal court.  And we must constantly hear about how superior the beautiful faerie "folk" are, what with their non-human eye colors, pointy, furry ears, horns, magical powers, and immortality.  Except that they can be murdered.  So it's kind of ridiculous when they mock Jude for being mortal.  Also they "can't lie," but still find ways to be deceptive.  We also get treated to the trope of the mean, abusive guy acting that way towards a girl because he's secretly into her.  We need to retire that.


This is already longer than I intended.  I will say that the final 20% of the plot at least had me curious about where the narrative was going, but ultimately I was "meh" at the end, and have no intention of reading the rest of the series.  I just can't care about these petty "folk" and the humans who aspire to be like them.