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Warcross - Marie Lu, Nancy Wu

Oops, I did it again. Started a trilogy without realizing I was starting a trilogy. This book was sitting so innocently in my library's e-collection as an available audiobook. Since I've enjoyed Marie Lu's writing, and found the blurb intriguing, I decided to give it a go. There was no hint that this was book one of a series. I did consider it a possibility, and of course, as I got to the late segments of the audio with so much left to resolve, I suspected it was likely.

I enjoyed that the main character, Emika, is a badass hacker girl with some mad skills. The world Lu builds interested me, with its neural link and the primacy of the video game Warcross. I was somewhat reminded of Ready Player One, but without the whole "going to school in the game world" angle.

I will say that there is a major twist near the end--and without giving it away, I will only note that I thought of as possible. I'd semi-dismissed it as improbable, but when it "came true," I felt unsurprised. I don't mean this in a dismissive way. Many of the developments I filed in my brain as "interesting, though not surprising."

I have already begun listening to book two, Wildcard. Hm, I wrote above that Warcross is the first book in a trilogy, but Wikipedia reports that it's a duology. I hope that's true. It would be nice to have the story's mysteries wrapped up in the second book.