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I'm Not Dying With You Tonight

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight - Kimberly Jones, Channie Waites, Brittany Pressley, Gilly Segal

I grabbed this when it came up for the Big Library Read, but then I didn't manage to get to it before the Read was over.


Campbell is the new girl in her southern, predominantly black high school, and she is working the concession stand at a football game, when a racially motivated fight breaks out in the growing line to the stand.  Lena jumps into the stand to take cover.  There are gunshots, police arrive, and that is just the start of a night where things keep getting worse.


As the blurb reports, Lena and Campbell must rely on one another to survive and progress through the night, each demonstrating to the other that her assumptions had been misguided.  


This book in some ways reminded me of The Hate U Give, though it has a much more compressed timeline.  In this book, the Caucasian girl Campbell, having been transplanted from the home she shared with her mother in Pennsylvania to her her father's house, is the outsider/fish out of water.  African-American Lena is the wildly popular fashionista Campbell can't help but envy.  I appreciated the way this set-up diverted from more usual book premises.