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Catch and Kill

Catch and Kill - Ronan Farrow

Non-fiction that reads somewhat like a spy novel.  Ronan Farrow was investigating claims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimidation against Harvey Weinstein, of Miramax Pictures.  At the time, Farrow worked for NBC.  The deeper he got into his investigation, the more he encountered obstacles from NBC.  Somehow there was always a need for more fact-checking.  The investigation process was to be "paused," and interviews delayed.


Eventually, Farrow left NBC and broke the story in The New Yorker.  Harvey Weinstein's power and connectedness had previously stopped the claims against him from coming out years before, and his machine attempted to stop The New Yorker from publishing the article.  During his investigation, Farrow often had the impression he was being watched and/or followed, and it was difficult to know what to believe.  Ultimately, he learned that his impressions had been correct, and surveillance was just one of Weinstein's tactics.


In addition to describing the process of reporting on the Weinstein story, Catch and Kill describes the revelations about Matt Lauer's sexual harassment and assault of NBC subordinates, along with NBC's systemic enabling and protection of Lauer.  Also included is the practice the title of the book refers to.  "Catch and kill" refers to news outlets obtaining rights to a story, only to prevent it from ever being released to the public.  The main example described in the book is when The National Enquirer used the "catch and kill" tactic to bury news stories about Donald Trump.


The book finally ties together what all of these things have to do with one another (read or listen to find out!).