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Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set

Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy Box Set - Kevin Kwan

I listened to all three of these books in audio form, but I also had the Kindle version of the box set.  I went back and forth between the two.


The three books are not a traditional trilogy, as the focal characters shift somewhat from book to book.  The first book focuses mainly on Rachel meeting Nick's crazy-rich family when they traveled to Singapore from NYC, for the wedding of Colin Khoo and Araminta Lee.  The second focuses Rachel getting to know family members she did not know she had (I am trying to avoid spoilers!), and the third is mainly focused on Nick's ailing grandmother, and the family descending upon her estate in anticipation of her demise.  Each book has B and C stories.


The audio versions switched to a different narrator for the second book and kept her for the third.  I've complained a bit about her here.  In addition to calling earrings "yearrings" and pronouncing French words badly, she does not do any of the accents she is supposed to do.  Nick, for example, is supposed to have a posh British accent.  Rachel is supposed to have an American accent.  Everyone has the same mildly Chinese accent.  And regarding the badly pronounced French:  authors, if you are going to write that a character speaks in perfectly accented French, please ensure that your narrator does, too.