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Extras - Scott Westerfeld, Joy Osmanski
After having been disappointed in Specials, I was wary of Extras, especially since Westerfeld drops readers into an entirely different setting (a city in Japan) with a new protagonist (15-year-old "ugly" Aya Fuse). For roughly the first third or so, I found myself really disliking Aya, who seems to value fame and social rank above all else. Set about three years after the end of SpecialsExtras presents a city in which social ranking and merit points serve as a type of currency, so fame = profit. Everyone in the city has a personal "feed," and most seem to have hovercams they use to record "stories" that many of them "kick" to get attention. It's kind of like Instagram on steroids.

I will get into more detail when I write my full review of the entire series, but here I will just mention a few things. In the world of Extras, Tally Youngblood is the MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD. And yes, she does show up. Along with Shay, Fausto, David, and even Andrew (the "holy man" Tally meets in Pretties). If you were disappointed with the non-closure of Specials, you might find it worthwhile to catch up with these characters in the final installment. Just have a bit of patience with Aya. She does grow a clue by the end.